About GWBB

Repeatedly described as “hard rocking” and “high energy”, Grrlz will be BoiZ is an all female, rock foursome based in Austin, Tx that “pump out a classic rock meets funk/roots sound with killer stage presence." ." (Liz Williams- AustinChronicle.com) Their style pulls from varied influences, filtered down into the lyric driven, heavily rhythmic, pop-rock guitar music that defines them. Music once described as “eclectic, bluesy, danceable rock.” (Joseph Wegesa- blogger)

Deidre Newby writes for q-Notes, "Creativity and innovativeness... True lyricists [with] a unique edge to their rock sound... This rock and roll band is to be taken seriously."

GWbB is currently playing and promoting in support of their Fourth release, "Almost Home." The 5 track EP was recorded in the Spring of 2012 live at RadioZendo Studios, Austin, TX by Thawind Mills and mixed and mastered by GWbB's own Amy Williams. The Grrlz decided on a live studio recording to capture some of the magic and raw energy they felt was the only thing missing from their previous full length project "Burn Through Me." The project is shorter this time around but it’s focused like a laser on those things they find most important. Touching on subjects including mental illness, marriage equality, fundamentalist upbringings, lgbt youth, lesbian relationships and sex... this time it's a LOT more personal but the underlying message is still the same; be yourself, embrace yourself, love yourself and love all others you can in life. It's short.

"If you haven’t heard the musical musings of Grrlz will be BoiZ yet, it’s time you did!" - Amy Smith LezGoAustin.com

In addition to holding down a monthly Austin residency, and playing regionally in support of "Almost Home" GWbB finds every way they can to show that they mean the words they speak in their lyrics. Since the release of "Almost Home", CD and mechandise sales, and performances from the band have helped to raise awareness as well as thousands of dollars for charities and non-profits supported by GWbB including GetEqual Texas, OutYouth, and Project Transitions.
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